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by Dee. 2/24/2017
I come from the future, with important news. There will be comics the likes of which have never been seen before nor since. This is the Comics Zone.

Bullseye (Marvel Comics): The infamous assassin from Daredevil gets his own comic, and he's already got someone on his trail. Bullseye has never been one for subtlety, so this assignment gets him involved with an international drug cartel and with a revenge-driven FBI widow at his heels.

This is a quick paced, bloody romp (because you better believe he's having fun) that feels quite a bit like 100 Bullets (Vertigo). The art style is dynamic rather than looking meticulously posed and detailed. Considering the casual nature of the blood-soaked mayhem, you wouldn't want to get tripped up by the bodies (pun intended).

Elektra and Kingpin are two other recent titles to pick up for more stories from the Daredevil universe.

Wild Storm (DC Comics): This is a comics with some history: Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Red, FreakAngels) started this series under the WildStorm Productions publisher, so this is a re-imagining, a re-framing of his previous characters, a redesign of the stories, heavier on the political intrigue and dystopian future, with a dash of snark to keep it current.

Honestly, I only vaguely remember this universe, and I saw it through the Authority and a few issues of Wetworks. The good news is that if you aren't familiar with the original works, you might be inclined to look up the older series. It is not mandatory to read it otherwise. The other news is that there are definitely some references and call-backs for loyal readers, so there's a little bit of a "what did I miss" feeling that I get while looking at this issue.

All in all, Warren Ellis is an author I will revisit more than once, so I will follow him (not blindly) into this new story, to see how he winds his path. It will be an interesting journey, that's for sure.

Colossi (Vault Comics): This comic is more than meets the eye: It starts as a sci-fi adventure when Trans Atmos Shuttle 34 disappears into a wormhole, and is lost in an oversized parallel universe. The tension between the passengers is just as hostile as their new environment. Though we see more of the parallel universe in the first issue, there are hints of their previous lives that peek through the stress-filled situation that is crashing into a vast, alien environment.

The perspective of their situation changes and changes again, as we are taken along for the adventure, meeting challenges and complications head on.

This story is from Ricardo Mo and artist Alberto Muriel, who both worked on a similarly sci-fi Hitchcock/ Twilight Zone -flavored book Propeller. These creative minds work well in Colossi, with the dialogue and art complimenting each other and heightening the abrasive tension of the story.

Release Date: April 5

Fare thee well travellers,

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