Six Generations

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Six Generations, a uniquely developed product with museum quality artwork and genealogically and historically interesting mechanic, is a pleasant example of information coupled with entertainment, challenging the valuation of the card system of “Standard Decks” with Kings, Queens and Jacks. This innovative pack contains a set of 72 cards with pictures of six generations of immigrants belonging to a family who came to the United States from sixteen European nations in the first half of the nineteenth century.

The latest generation consists of the siblings Emily and Jacob, currently living in the United States; and the other five generations represent their ancestors.

Recommended for ages six to adult, "Six Generations" is a highly engaging concept aimed at providing wholesome entertainment. It would be a welcome addition to any family's personal collection of games. This game also has educational value, as it provides useful clues to the different types of clothing worn by the people from different nations and time periods that are featured on its cards. As a genealogical and historical gift product, "Six Generations" has perfect usage in education, arts, museums, and homes.


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