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by Dee. 11/10/2015
Salutations and greetings:

Dee here, with an interesting comic: Skottie Young's completely original series I Hate Fairyland. The reason why this is so incredible is that this is Skottie Young's first series with original characters, as the Oz series were not his own creation.

I cannot emphasize enough that this is not a kid friendly comic. The main character is a completely disillusioned little girl on the outside, but twenty seven years have passed in Fairyland. Everything from violent interactions with the moon, literally shooting stars, and the Queen of Fairyland putting out a hit on our main character makes this much more amusing to a late teenager and later.

Some drug use, robbing banks, and questionable choices in interacting with characters definitely label this as a mature comic, but the shock value doesn't cancel out the fun of the comic. There's some self-aware joking, which is cute, and some referencing to Conan the Barbarian which should make the next issue an entertaining read.

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